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Dine on the amazing Thai cuisine with “tastes that tingle the tongue and flavours that excite your taste buds”.

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A good Thai restaurant knows how to treat the classic Thai ingredients, so that they suit every taste. Not too strong, but still so that we get a breath of fresh air from exotic Asia. If you are afraid of the meal being too strong, do not hesitate to ask for a special mild strength level of the court.

At that time, there were no Thai vegetables, herbs or spices in the Kingdom of Sweden, so we had to import from Thailand. The quality thinking we learned since then is still alive. Add a little and get ten times better. We always strive the best ingredients to serve the best Thai food. Most of the people working with the service are experienced Thai travelers. Ask us about Thailand.

Come in and join us for the best Thai food in Gothenburg.

What people say about us

They make good dishes, fast served and they are very kind. We have ordered there a few times and always very happy about it.


Eneko Pérez

Google Review

Yummy Pad Thai with delicious sauce and slightly smoky taste on the meat. Highly recommended


Antonia Plenkers

Google Review

Very good pad thai. Chewy noodle, smoky pork and balanced sauce. I love the flavour.


Thu Dang

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High standards
of service

Everyone in the kitchen is from Thailand, so there’s no point yelling at them in Swedish if you want extra chili. They answer in Thai. The food is also authentic Thai. And downright fantastic, we think! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, and that your evening will also be nothing short of amazing.


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Nordenskiöldsgatan 22, 413 09 Gothenburg


Email: thaiisaan123@gmail.com


Monday – Friday   11.00 – 22.00

Saturday – Sunday  12.00-22.00

Lunch(Everyday)- 11.00 – 15.00